On 15 July 2008, one of Bali's largest ever cremation ceremonies in the last three decades took place in the culturally vibrant “village” of Ubud. Three royal figures and 68 commoners were cremated. This photoblog is a record of that wonderful day.

The sarcophagus burns

The fire is lit and soon the bull is ablaze. Smoke pours from its nostrils and flames shoot from its eyes. The body is disintegrating into its five earthly elements: earth, wind, water, fire and ether; the soul finally free, either to reincarnate or find its final resting place in Moksha.

the dust of kings is blown into the street,
the wind carries the dust into the rivers,
the rivers carry the dust to the sea,
the sea evaporates and clouds form
and the water is returned to the land once again.

> Antonio Blanco (1912-1999) of Bali